Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Okay, some folks have asked me about tablature for Exhumed songs, and since I end up transcribing the songs for the other guys anyway, I actually have tab files. The program I've been using is Guitar Pro 5, but there's a new version, Guitar Pro 6 and you can download a free trial of the program here.

I haven't used any of the fancy stuff on the program, I've just used it to transcribe riffs. There are no solos transcribed, as frankly, it's just too much of a pain in the ass to do it, and I rarely remember them correctly anyway. One limitation I've found, at least in GP5 is that you can't account for tempo changes within songs - so each song is tabbed at or near the dominant tempo. So the bridge for "Waxwork" will be way too fast for example when you listen to the midi, which is of course, hilarious sounding.

I've posted up three songs to start with. There's "Limb From Limb" from Gore Metal - basically every song on the album is virtually indecipherable by ear - I'm almost hesitant to post these tunes, as usually when you can't make out a riff, the riff you imagine almost always ends up being heavier than what was actually recorded. So if you're disappointed, sorry, haha! Then "Decrepit Crescendo" from Slaughtercult, which has long been a staple of our live set. I think that the solo riff here is transcribed as a D-beat riff, whereas on the album it's trem picked like an old-school Death Metal riff. That was a change made years ago, so if you want to play it faithfully w/the album, just trem-pick that part. Lastly is "Waxowork". I posted this because it's one of our most complicated (not necessarily technical, but complicated) songs and I've seen some really weird videos on youtube of people playing it really wrong. Now they'll have no excuse, haha!

Anyway, enjoy and let me know if these are helpful, fun, or whatever.


download "Limb From Limb" tab

download "Decrepit Crescendo" tab

donwload "Waxwork" tab