Thursday, January 2, 2014

Coins Upon The Eyes Transcription

I'm going to try and stick with posting a transcription a month here. We'll see how that goes. We use a lot of tab for writing and communicating between the band, since we all live 4 hours away from each other minimum, and Bud and I live on opposite sides of the country. The point there being that a lot of our songs are at least partially tabbed out already, so I should be able to get a lot of them up.
Here's the first track from Necrocracy - "Coins Upon The Eyes." I figured I'd start here since a few folks on FB mentioned it. I'll post some of the older stuff soon - you'll may be surprised at how bone-headedly simple most of the stuff on the first two records actually is. We use the Guitar Pro 6 program to write / tab in, so I've posted the original .gpx file that the program creates as well as a .pdf. The .gpx file will be far more useful and easier on the eyes, but the .pdf should get the job done if you don't have GP6. 
The transcription only includes my solo, as Bud doesn't tab out this sort of thing and he usually incorporates a fair degree of improvisation live as well. My solos are usually 85% planned out by the time I get done recording them. My leads are also easier to play, which makes them easier to replicate both live and in tablature form. At any rate, enjoy and happy shredding in 2014.
Matt and the dudes
"Coins Upon the Eyes" guitar tablature as a .gpx file
"Coins Upon the Eyes" guitar tablature as a .pdf file